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Small Space Gardening

As a grad student, living in confined areas such as dorms or studio apartments is something I’ve grown very familiar to. Yes, there are its downsides, but there are certain things I have found extremely helpful in making them feel more like a home. That is, bring more life to your room! Not only can having plants transform the look of your…

COVID-19 Resources

Into the Streets Week 2019

~~~~~ FACEBOOK EVENT LINK ~~~~~ Description Into the Streets Week (ITSW) is KU’s largest advocacy-based service event of the year. Hosted by the KU Center for Community Outreach, the goal of ITSW is to provide students with service opportunities and encourage their participation with the underlying issues facing our local and global communities. Event Calendar Day 1 | April 4th Bob Ross…

Kennedy Elementary Mentoring Application

Volunteers are needed on a weekly basis at Kennedy Elementary as tutors and lunch buddy mentors. This program is set up through Communities in Schools (CIS), a nonprofit that provides student support. If you have any questions or concerns, or are in need of reasonable accommodations for this volunteer opportunity, please contact the CCO Discover coordinators at discover@ku.edu. Tutor Requirements: Occurs on…

Need Volunteers?

The Center for Community Outreach runs a volunteer management website called volunteer.ku.edu that offers KU students service opportunities through partners and non-profits in the Lawrence community. We would be happy to post your organization’s regular or special event need! We cannot guarantee any particular number of volunteers from the KU community, however the CCO does reach a significant portion of the KU…

Group Home Tutoring Application

Volunteers are needed on a weekly basis to assist middle school and high school students with homework and tutoring at the O’Connell Youth Ranch. O’Connell Youth Ranch is an organization that prepares boys for foster care, adoption, or reintegration back with their families after foster care or juvenile incarceration. It is located at 1646 N. 1320 RD, Lawrence, KS 66046. Tutors are…

Volunteer in the Lawrence Community!

Check out KU’s volunteer platform to see every volunteer need through the 12 CCO programs as well as various non-profits and community partners in Douglas County! Simply sign in with your KU ID and password, select your interests, and check out the ongoing needs. You will automatically receive biweekly emails with upcoming events and opportunities upon sign up. volunteer.ku.edu To advertise your…

High School Tutor Request Form

This form is to be completed by high schoolers requesting a KU student tutor. If you are a KU student and would like to be a tutor, click here.

High School Tutoring Application

If you are a high schooler, and are looking for a tutor, click here.

Ability Advocates Application

Join CCO’s new program, Ability Advocates, to volunteer with programs and nonprofits who work with people with disabilities! If you have any questions or concerns, please email aadvocates@ku.edu.