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Super Service Saturday 2022

What is Super Service Saturday?

Super Service Saturday is an annual one-day volunteer event hosted by the Center for Community Outreach (CCO). It is an enriching opportunity for new and old KU students to discover service, connect with fellow volunteers, and give back to their community!


To sign up, follow these steps:

First go to https://volunteer.ku.edu/need/detail/?need_id=711636 and sign up for Super Service Saturday.

If you would like to sign up with a group, use the “Respond as a Team,” option and list all of the members of your group. If you would like to join a group that has already signed up, you can either have the team leader add you or put the name of the group in the “Notes” section.

Second go to Super Service Saturday – Rock Chalk Central (ku.edu) and RSVP for the Event.

Third make sure you have the CORQ app downloaded.

Fourth make sure you come to the Memorial Union on August 27th at 10:00 am, so you get to participate in Super Service Saturday 2022!

Answers to frequently asked questions about the event can be found here.

Super Service Saturday volunteers are loading their bus in preparation to volunteer at a service site in Lawrence. One volunteer is raising his hands in the air, demonstrating his excitement for the volunteering activities to come.
2018 Super Service Saturday volunteers loading their bus to travel to their service site.