Executive Staff

Our six-director team that leads the KU Center for Community Outreach is comprised of two co-directors that manage overall operations and four supporting directors in specialty areas.

Executive Director
Jordan Lyerla, cco@ku.edu

Office Hours: Monday 8:00am-10:00am

Serves as a liaison between CCO, KU, and the greater Lawrence community. Works with CCO advisors on broad CCO goals, such as increased promotion and volunteer impact. Peer advises 7 CCO programs and  the Development and Communications Director.

Managing Director
Grant Misse, cco@ku.edu

Office Hours: Monday 8:00am-10:00am

Oversees the CCO budget, requests block funding to obtain monies for the fiscal year, oversees PO requests from program coordinators, and places supply orders. Peer advises 6 CCO programs and both the Creative and Events Director.

Creative Director

Lauren Cabrera, ccocreative@ku.edu

Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00-6:00pm

Works with the Communications Director to maintain the CCO brand. Creates promotional and branding material for the CCO, CCO programs as well as CCO events. Also, maintains the calendar and CCO board in the Office.

Development Director

Megan Stopperan, ccodevelop@ku.edu

Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30-11:30am, Thursday 10:30-11:30

Oversees Endowment fundraising. Maintains the Office Inventory spreadsheet. Conducts yearly fundraising campaigns and works on marketing strategies with the Executive Director. Focuses on internal development and assists in the growth of programs.

Communications Director
Amelia DeVries, ccocomms@ku.edu

Office Hours: Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm

Maintains the CCO brand alongside the Creative Director. Distributes promotional materials and operates online social media accounts to promote the CCO, CCO programs as well as events.

Events Director
Sana Mahomed, itsw@ku.edu

Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00-6:00pm

Works with executive staff as well as program coordinators to assist in the creation of CCO related events. Plans Into the Streets Week, Trunk or Treat, and any other full CCO programmatic events throughout the school year.