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Hawks for Health

Health Education and Wellness

Hawks for Health strives to:

  • Empower local communities through health education.
  • Collaboratively advocate alongside local health departments and agencies.
  • Meaningfully engage in health promotive services

Click here! if you would like to become a Health Advocate.

If you are interested in health advocacy events, “fan” Hawks for Health on volunteer.ku.edu for notifications.

Health Navigation: We will also partner within the CCO with Jubilee Cafe, which provides breakfast for in-need community members twice per week. Our Health Advocates set up an information table with various resources and help those with questions connect their needs, such as food bank locations and times, access to health care services, housing needs, etc.

Women’s Health: A focus this year will be around women’s health. Possible opportunities will include: educational presentations, service workshops, and advocating for menstrual products on campus.

Rural Health:  Health Advocates will also focus on rural health across Kansas. We will identify and help meet the needs of local health departments and communities in need. This will include remote help with administrative content as well as conducting volunteer trips to areas across Kansas. Trips will typically be held over breaks (if long distance) or long weekends (if less than an hour away). Advocates will also be encouraged to volunteer for a one-day fundraiser (per semester) to supply food, gas, etc. for the trips.

Here is a list of independent health-related volunteering opportunities in the Douglas County area:

For more information, email the coordinators at h4h@ku.edu.

Program Coordinators: Aarya Bestha, Timothy Fanous, Noah Schnieders, and Paddy Qiu