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Hawks for Health

Health Education and Wellness

Hawks for Health strives to:

  • Empower local communities through health education.
  • Collaboratively advocate alongside local health departments and agencies.
  • Meaningfully engage in health promotive services
Marketplace Insurance: During the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) of Marketplace Insurance, we will be assisting consumers, small businesses, and employees in employing healthcare coverage and affordability programs. This initiative will be equipping low socioeconomic individuals with access to healthcare coverage within the Douglas County community.

SNAP/Housing Assistance: A recent partnership with the Lawrence Public Library, assistance will be provided to local community members within Lawrence for enrollment within SNAP (food stamp) programs, alongside assistance with housing/utility subsidies through state and nationwide programs.

COVID Monitoring: Another initiative we have is to prioritize public health within the campus and the community of Lawrence. We offer COVID testing drives several times throughout the year with several incentives in order to keep students aware of their physical health. Drives will be coordinated on a need-based agenda (if cases are high during the time or if there is a break upcoming).

Here is a list of independent health-related volunteering opportunities in the Douglas County area:

For more information, email the coordinators at h4h@ku.edu.

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Program Coordinators: Samson Mah, Fatemeh Farassati, Martha Arvanitakis