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Environment and Sustainability

Earth focuses on promoting and engaging in outdoor, environmental sustainability practices on campus and in the community. Earth also provides opportunities for students to learn about the relationships between food, the environment and local food producers. Earth sends out volunteers to various campus and community gardens that need maintenance such as the Little Prairie Donation Garden, the Just Food Garden, and the Prairie Park Nature Center.

Click here to view available opportunities or email earth@ku.edu if you are interested!


Interested in getting involved in the KU Student Garden? Become a KU Student Gardener!

What is KU Student Gardeners?

KU Student Gardeners program run by our Earth program allows students to take on more responsibility as a volunteer in the Campus Garden. The Earth Campus Garden is a 1,600 square foot garden on West campus that is designed to produce food for KU. All the produce goes to the campus cupboard and becomes available to our KU community for free. 

What do I do as a KU Student Gardener?

KU Student Gardeners will be trained in basic gardening skills (what to harvest and when, weeds vs vegetables, ect.), and expected to garden without the supervision of the Earth coordinators. Tasks will include: watering, weeding, harvesting, planting. We have work available from March to November, but you can apply at any time. 

KU Student Gardeners are not required to attend all the garden work days on our website, but ARE required to complete the hours signed up for each week and maintain a consistent schedule during their active dates.

Why should I apply to be a KU Student Gardener?

Gardening has many positive benefits! Some of the things you will find working with us include:

  • Getting involved on your own terms: You can create your own schedule for working in the garden. This is great for busy college students who might not be able to attend events, but still want to get involved in their campus
  • Helping a worthy cause: you will be helping us provide food to the KU community and fight food insecurity
  • Stress reliever: many people find the ability to be outside and working with their hands stress relieving. Studies have even shown that it can help fight depression. 
  • Valuable skills: the things you learn as a KU Student Gardener can help you with indoor plants, vegetable gardens of your own, eating healthy and sustainability, and so much more.
  • Gain outdoor experience and expertise: you can put this on applications or resumes to help show your qualifications and experience in a horticulture setting. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at earth@ku.edu. We can’t wait to garden with you!

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Program Coordinators: Audrey Brown, Sarah Ruben-Hallock, Jivanjot Whar, and Nidia Lazos