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H4H Program Coordinator Application

Fill out this form to apply for the Hawks for Health Program Coordinator Position!

Hawks for Health is a program within the Center for Community Outreach (CCO) that focuses on health education and wellness. This program collaborates with other campus and community organizations to provide health education and health promotive services. Currently, Hawks for Health is running their Marketplace Insurance assistance program at Lawrence Public Library, collaborating with HERO in an attempt to get free contraceptives in the fraternity bathrooms, and working with a senate contact and DCCA to provide overdose prevention information and, as longer-range goals, get narcan in the dorms and/or a DCCA naloxone vending machine on campus.

Program coordinators work roughly 14 hours per month on their programs. This time-block consists of three weekly 1-hour time slots devoted to office hours, peer advising, and volunteering. In addition, there is a bi-monthly CORE meeting where all program coordinators meet and discuss the functioning of the organization at large.

For more information about the CCO’s organizational structure and mission please visit cco.ku.edu. Furthermore, if you have any questions about the position, please don’t hesitate to reach out to cco@ku.edu.

The application closes on November 28th at 11:59 pm.